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September Farm to Fork in a Box

September Box



Cal Fire LNU Lightening Complex Fire, Capay Valley

Pandemic, Fire, Smoke and Perseverance

Then there are other days where I can’t think straight. I sleep late (because we stay up late bingeing shows I never could watch when I was working full time.) I forget what I am doing halfway through doing it, or I jump from task to task, never completing any of them. Or I have zero appetite for any of my projects. I can only read short articles. I’ve restarted the book on my bedside table dozens of times. Literally the same first two paragraphs, I’ve read over and over, never getting past page two. I have mother guilt..

Green and Hemly, Courtland, California Bosc Pears

Delta Breezes and Sparkling Pear Juice

Sarah Hemly is the first in the family to create a by-product from this fruit. She is the owner and founder of Hemly Cider. She knew she wanted to make cider with pears and apples, which they also grow, but had no idea how. She began studying and researching and that led her to traveling the world and learning from some badass cider pros in Tasmania who are also famous for their whisky...

Davis Farmers Market Cookbook, by Ann M. Evans

This cookbook is the perfect accompaniment to our monthly boxes

Written by the co-founder of the Davis Farmers Market and the co-founder of the Davis Co-op, and with a forward by Alice Waters, we think this cookbook is the perfect cookbook to help you cook seasonally. The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook is filled with wonderful recipes, beautiful photography and, best of all, you get to meet the farmers. 

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Indian Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce from Sutter Buttes Olive Oil

Why is Indian food so good?

Many, many years ago I moved to New York City, right out of college. I loved everything about living in New York, especially being exposed to the world of different cultures and foods. I had an artichoke for the first time in my life my first week there. How I got to the age of 21 without ever eating an artichoke is a mystery to me now. I also had Indian food for the first time and became obsessed...

Preservation Co. Zesty Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Marys - You Either Love Them or Hate Them

Bloody Marys - people either love them or hate them. We love them! There is nothing more glorious than a good Bloody Mary garnished with fresh celery on a sunny morning. Notice we said 'sunny', not 'Sunday'. We think Bloody Marys are good any day, anytime. Garnishing this cocktail has become an Olympic sport practically, but we like to keep ours pretty simple. If you have a good vodka and a good mix, then you really do not need a lot more than that, other than ice. 

Fresh Blenheim Apricots

Disappearing Fruit, The Ark of Taste and The Good Stuff

Blenheim Apricots used to be grown in abundance in the Santa Clara valley starting in the early 1900’s. By the 1960’s they started to decline. Blenheim’s are sweet and tart and are wonderful fresh or dried and in preserves, but they mature a little more slowly than other varieties. They also bruise easily...

Tomatos drizzled with Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Pomegranate Aged Balsamic Vinegar from Skylake Ranch, Chico California

Pomegranates have to be one of the queen of fruits, among many members of fruit royalty, such as Cherimoya, Pitaya, or Manogsteen. Packaged in a rubbery scarlet coating streaked with peach and pink and green – at the bottom –  a perfect crown. Inside hundreds of juicy ruby seeds nestled in a pale labyrinth of flesh. Frustratingly difficult to access those seeds, but so worth the effort. 

Dianne and Mike Madison of Yolo Press

The magic of sun dried olives! – Organic Mission Sun Dried Olives from Yolo Press, Winters, California

While their olive oils are delicious and award winning, they make one product that is a little gem. We were so excited when we found out about Yolo Press sun dried olives. The purity of a sun dried olive is magical. These little nuggets are simply Mission variety olives dried in the sun with a hint of salt...

Seka Hills Olive Oil Tasting

Food and Farm Tours

SacTown Bites doesn't just deliver food tours in a box — we also offer a variety of food tours in the Sacramento, California area. If you like what's in your box, you will love our food tours!

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