Bloody Mary's – You Either Love Them or Hate Them!

Bloody Mary made with Preservation Co. Bloody Mary Mix.


Bloody Marys - people either love them or hate them. We love them! There is nothing more glorious than a good Bloody Mary garnished with fresh celery on a sunny morning. Notice we said 'sunny', not 'Sunday'. We think Bloody Marys are good any day, anytime. Garnishing this cocktail has become an Olympic sport practically, but we like to keep ours pretty simple. If you have a good vodka and a good mix, then you really do not need a lot more than that, other than ice. 


Bloody Mary Garnish Game


That is where Preservation and Co. Bloody Mary mix comes in. Jason Poole, owner of Preservation, makes some of the best mix you will ever taste. Read the label on his bottles. There are actually a ton of ingredients from Bloody Mary brine to mustard seed to Horseradish root. The jar is filled with an amalgam of ingredients that results in a mixer that has a nice thick consistency and fresh, complex flavor. It’s not too vinegary, and not too tomato-y. It’s really perfect. 

Jason, while working in restaurants years ago, started tinkering with a version of Bloody Mary mix that he could make in batches to create consistency for his bartenders. That was around 2011. In 2012, on a whim, he entered his mix in the Absolut Bloody Mary Competition and walked away with a silver medal. He decided to take the plunge and leased his current space in 2013. 


Preservation Bloody Mary Mix Zesty


Largely self-taught, Jason also got some mentoring from a fellow bartender who showed him the ropes about pickling. He has always enjoyed cooking and loves anything pickled. His curiosity led him to classes and certifications in preservation. In addition to the Bloody Mary mix, Jason also created a whole line of pickled foods that were popular, but not as popular as the mix. With Covid 19, like so many small business owners, Jason is pivoting a bit and refocusing his brand. Although his products have been distributed all over the US and Australia, he wants to focus on becoming a well known California brand. 

Jason is intense, like his mix. When we talked about partnering for our August Farm to Fork in a Box Jason shared with me how challenging it is to own a small business. He said, “I heard the phrase a long ago that an entrepreneur is willing to work an 80 to avoid working a 40, and I feel that is just about right. It has been a long hard battle, but I have overall enjoyed the path and growth we have had.” Being a small business is challenging, even in the best of times. But his business is one of many that we think make Sacramento great. And we know he, and all of our partners, would not trade what they are doing for anything else. 

So do yourself a favor and go make a cocktail with Preservation Co. Bloody Mary Mix. Yes, right now. They are not just for brunch. They are great anytime. Besides, during the pandemic, is anyone playing by the rules? Now is the time to do things differently, try something new. Even if you think you don’t like Bloody Marys, you might like one made with Preservations’ mix. And, get crazy with the garnish. Go for it! 


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