Meet the Maker - Stephanie Schaber of Shebear Herblove

If you are a Sacramento local, then you probably have allergies. We are surrounded by agriculture after all. Lots of pollen and dust in the air. And if you are local and have severe allergies you may already be a fan of SacTown Allergy Tea from The Allspicery. It's a spring staple in many people’s lives, whereby they keep their water bottles filled with this delicious tea or a mason jar of it at the ready in the fridge. This tea is delicious and it helps stem the symptoms caused by allergies. Well, meet the maker of this extremely popular blend - Stephanie Schaber of SheBear Herb Love

Stephanie is the creator of Allergy Tea and many other blends sold at The Allspicery. She began working at the store four years ago and eventually became head blender. After years of working with herbs and spices she realized her love and interest in them ran deep. She took a deep dive and began studying herbology and wellness, traditional medicinal, and culinary folklore. 

In 2019, Stephanie launched her own brand, Shebear Herblove. Her spice blends and teas are thoughtful and complex and made with intention. Sourcing locally, and using organic ingredients as much as possible, results in a more vibrant and energetic product. There is a bit of magic and a lot of love in Stephanie’s creations and they are also delicious. 

I personally love that each blend comes with astrological information regarding the date when the product was created. If you tune into that it gives you another tool for healing by connecting the moon phase and cosmic energy with the herbal energetics. Even if you don’t follow the stars, her blends will support healing and wellness. 

Magic Party tea is featured in our July Farm to Fork in a Box, and we put the large size in. Let’s be honest, no one has been free from anxiety or stress these last few months, so we figured our customers could use a large jar of this. It will last a long time because you can reuse the herbs, just continue to add water to that mason jar, the same as you do with the allergy tea. For a demonstration on how to make the tea, watch this video

Stephanie is passionate and talented and extremely knowledgeable. We visited her at one of the farms she sources from in West Sacramento called Wildgust Farm. It’s a tiny patch of land on a busy road, near a shopping center. You would drive by it and never know such a wealth of living, healing things are growing there, from stinging nettles (yup, they sting) to zinnias. Watch our video below to meet the maker, Stephanie Schaber of Shebear HerbLove.


  • Just got my JULY box as a housewarming gift. Can’t wait to try this tea. The video is super helpful and now I leave to make my tea concentrate! Thank you.

    billie warnick
  • I love the depth of intention in these blends!! Both, tea and spice. We need what ShebearHerblove has! Thank you so much for sharing <3

    shirley seatris

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