Pure Honey is pure honey.

Pure Honey's Raw All Natural Wildflower Honey, Winters, California 

Pure, raw honey is a thing of wonder. Raw honey means that it has not been pasteurized or blended with other syrups. It is extracted directly from bee hives, filtered to remove any debris, and bottled. At Pure Honey in Winters, California, they not only bottle the honey, they also keep the bees. Henry's Bullfrog Bees Apiary and Pure Honey are a family bee keeping and honey production business. That means they know exactly where the bees are, well at least they know where the hives are located. They manage their hives so they are not placed near fields and orchards that have been sprayed. It's nearly impossible to get an organic certification for honey, but Pure Honey's is pretty close. We think that makes this product pretty special. 

Pure Honey Bee Hive Inspection Winters, California

Henry Harlan, began Bullfrog Bees Apiary in 2007 and Henry's wife, Robin, began Pure Honey two years later, in 2009. Soon after that, Doneice, their daughter returned from college and took over the honey operation. She now runs the business, and everything that comes with that from extracting, bottling, labeling, marketing, etc. 

Pure Honey, Winters, California

We have featured Pure Honey's Wildflower honey in our June box because it is delicious and so versatile. The wildflower honey can be used in infinite ways including in coffee or tea, slathered on warm toast or drizzled on granola with fresh berries. I use it in my salad dressings by mixing some honey, a bit of good olive oil, some lemon juice, a little salt and a splash of apple cider vinegar or spoonful of mustard in a small mason jar. Close the lid and give it a good shake. Adjust seasoning as needed. Easy and tasty. Tonight we will have fresh figs sliced in half, with a healthy dollop of goat cheese and a generous drizzle of wildflower honey. 

Pure Honey Raw Wildflower honey with goat cheese and berries

Honey does not last long in our house. But don't worry if you don't use up your honey right away – it never spoils. Honey is a natural preservative. It may harden, or crystalize over time, which is perfectly normal, and you can simply place the jar in some warm water to soften it. It is not recommended to heat it in a microwave because heating it over 110 degrees kills the beneficial enzymes and nutrients. Honey is known to have health benefits such as improving cholesterol, lowering triglycerides and is rich with antioxidants. It also is great for treating minor burns, and a teaspoonful works great as a cough suppressant for children over 1 year old. 

Pure Honey Bee Frame

Here's some fun facts about honey and bees and what makes a jar of honey so special. 

  • Honey bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man
  • To make one pound of honey a bee will fly 50,000 miles and touch 2 million flowers, on average
  • The queen only leaves the hive once to mate, then returns and lays on average 1000 eggs per day, while being fed and groomed constantly by worker bees
  • Worker bees only live about 4 weeks during the summer and up to six months during the winter
  • An average bee will make only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime

Honey is a gift from nature! 


 Meet the Maker - Doneice Woody of Pure Honey, Woodland, California


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