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  • Almond Lane, Woodland California - The First Almond Farm in the World to Be Certified Sustainable

    How does an almond farm in California distinguish themselves from the 6000 others in the state? Almond Lane in Woodland California has done this by, one, being one of the very few almond growers that is farm to consumer. And two, be the first almond grower in the world to be independently certified under the internationally recognized “Sustainably Grown” standard for agricultural crops...
  • Two Grumpy Goats and Award Winning Olive Oil

    Most olive oil producers take the route of easiest to produce and easiest to harvest. Think Manzanillo or Arbequina. Not Grumpy Goats Farm, in Capay California...from day one they decided to pick robust, challenging olives that produce unique flavors. 
  • Family Tradition Turns Into a Sweet Business

    Beekeeping has become popular in recent years. In fact, my husband and I have been keeping a few hives for almost 8 years now. But that can’t compare to a family that has been beekeeping for over 100 years. Jace Becker’s great grandfather began beekeeping in 1919...
  • High-Tech Brown Jasmine Rice Grown by Rue & Forsman Ranch

    Have you ever driven north of Sacramento on Highway 5 in the summer and noticed mile after mile of green fields on either side of the freeway? That is rice. 85% of the rice we eat in the US is grown in California, and the majority of it is grown in the Sacramento Valley. Like so many other crops, rice grows well here because of the climate and soil. 
  • Pure Honey is pure honey.

    Pure, raw honey is a thing of wonder. Raw honey means that it has not been pasteurized or adulterated with any additives. It is extracted directly from bee hives, filtered to remove any debris, and bottled. At Pure Honey in Winters, California, they not only bottle the honey, they also keep the bees. Henry's Bullfrog Bees Apiary and Pure Honey are a family bee keeping and honey production...
  • One Woman's Dream Comes to Life in Capay Valley

    It turns out lavender grows really well in the Capay Valley and requires very little water. And that's a good thing, because Sherri literally had zero experience with farming or agriculture...