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  • This sauce is legit! Hazel's BBQ Sauce, Sacramento California

    When we launched SacTown Bites’ Farm to Fork in a Box, we really wanted to showcase local purveyors making unique, difficult to find products of the highest quality. Hazel’s BBQ sauce epitomizes that quest. This BBQ sauce is ‘legit’, as one fan said on Instagram. It is legit, and it is ridiculously good. I mean, really good. 
  • A Friendly Spice Off - Espresso Spice Rub from V. Miller Meats, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters and The Allspicery

    We love the story behind this rub because it’s a collaboration among three small businesses that came together to make an awesome product. Depending on who you ask, the story varies slightly...which came first, the coffee or the rub recipe, how many rib eating tests were done (five, or six...we think six…) But in the end, none of that matters...
  • High-Tech Brown Jasmine Rice Grown by Rue & Forsman Ranch

    Have you ever driven north of Sacramento on Highway 5 in the summer and noticed mile after mile of green fields on either side of the freeway? That is rice. 85% of the rice we eat in the US is grown in California, and the majority of it is grown in the Sacramento Valley. Like so many other crops, rice grows well here because of the climate and soil. 
  • Welcome to our June box

    Welcome to our June Farm to Fork in a Box. We think of this as a 'food tour in a box' where you get to taste some of the best products from the Sa...
  • Pure Honey is pure honey.

    Pure, raw honey is a thing of wonder. Raw honey means that it has not been pasteurized or adulterated with any additives. It is extracted directly from bee hives, filtered to remove any debris, and bottled. At Pure Honey in Winters, California, they not only bottle the honey, they also keep the bees. Henry's Bullfrog Bees Apiary and Pure Honey are a family bee keeping and honey production...
  • Meet The Chef - Ramon Perez of Puur Chocolat

    When I first met Ramon Perez, Chef and co-owner of Puur Chocolat in Sacramento, California, I immediately sensed he was an athlete. He speaks almo...
  • Award Winning Olive Oil From Séka Hills in Capay Valley

    Séka Hills is owned by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation People. As some of the original inhabitants of the Capay Valley they take stewardship of the land very seriously. Staying connected to their ancestors by protecting and preserving the land for future generations is their focus. 
  • What's a Shrub?

    Shrubs are not just for cocktails. In fact, the shrubs by Burly Beverages, featured in our June Box, were created to make a better tasting and healthier soda. Owner and maker Gabriel Aiello originally was looking to make a better ginger beer.
  • From Spirits to Hand Sanitizer

    In the age of Covid-19 there has been a lot of pivoting. Its pivot or survive, or pivot because you will go crazy sitting on your hands not knowing how to move forward in this age of uncertainty. For J.J. Pfister Distilling it was neither of those reasons. 
  • One Woman's Dream Comes to Life in Capay Valley

    It turns out lavender grows really well in the Capay Valley and requires very little water. And that's a good thing, because Sherri literally had zero experience with farming or agriculture...
  • A Door Slams a Window Cracks Open

    There is no better feeling than building and creating something of your own. And when that something serves a community need (really, Sacramento needed this), contributes to the economy and is a personal passion it's incredibly gratifying. Fast forward less than a year from deciding to 'pivot' and I launched SacTown Bites...