About Us

SacTown Bites began as a walking food tour company, SacTown Bites - Food Tour Adventures. We launched our very first food tour in 2019 and never looked back.

We created our company to showcase what an abundant and rich region we live in. The Sacramento Valley is called the Farm to Fork Capital of the nation for a reason. California’s central valley is the 5th largest growing region in the WORLD. We aren’t just famous for our tomatoes, wine, and almonds. Our region has a Mediterranean climate with hot days and cool nights (thank you Delta breeze) and rich soils that make it home to over 11,000 family-owned farms that grow everything from fruits, vegetables, rice, nuts and flowers, to producing livestock, eggs, and even caviar!

We realized we could share more of our love for the region and its food by creating a subscription box program that compliments our tours. We especially love meeting all the farmers and makers that create incredible products and are just as passionate about the Sacramento Valley as we are.