Mission Statement

SacTown Bites was born out of a passion for showcasing the incredible talent and diversity in Sacramento’s food scene. We are committed to going beyond the soundbite of Farm to Fork and digging deeper into what that really means. As a company we want every guest to have an experience that is memorable and fun, and above all delicious. We believe that hearing the stories behind the food you are eating, learning about the farm that grew that food, and hearing the stories and passion of the chefs and farmers is transformative. Knowing where your food comes from goes way beyond ‘locally sourced’ and we are here to continue to educate ourselves about this incredible valley. We also are committed to diversity and justice for all. Diversity is what makes Sacramento so great. While we have amazing restaurants in SacTown, we are also home to some of the best Mexican, Southeast Asian and BBQ joints. From dispensaries to donuts, vegan food, vegan soul food, food trucks and pop-ups - we are here for it!