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Honey Sampler

This box brings three exceptional and unique honeys right to your door. Also included in this cute giftable box is a wooden honey stick and a 100% beeswax candle.  Treat yourself to this sweet box, or purchase it as a gift. 


What do you get?

  • Pure Raw All Natural Honey Infused with Lavender, 2oz – Boujikian Family Apiaries, Woodland, California
  • Chunk Comb Honey, 9oz – Moon Shine Trading Co., Woodland, California
  • Fresh Lemon Creamed Honey, 6 oz – Backroad Beekeeping, Sacramento, California

Raw Natural Honey Infused with Lavender

Boujikian Family Apiary – Winters, California

 This little jar of delight comes from the Boujikian family owned apiaries. The young couple has grown their business from 8 hives to almost 800 in a few short years. They focus on providing the best habitat for their bees and their bees help pollinate our produce all over the state. They keep some special hives just for honey. This honey is infused with lavender and is delicious enjoyed drizzled on toast or paired with blue cheese. 

Chunk Comb Honey

Moon Shine Trading Company – Woodland, California

Comb honey is a very special treat straight from nature. Each hexagonal cell is made of beeswax and identical to its neighbor. Bees collect nectar and place it in the cells then cap the cells with wax so the nectar can ripen into honey. This wildflower raw honey comb is artfully selected from the hive frames, ensuring enough honey is left for the colony. Comb honey can be eaten in its entirety, beeswax and all. Spread it on warm bread, or elevate your next cheese plate with this impressive looking delight. We like it on a Ricotta Crostini.

Fresh Lemon Infused Creamed Honey

Backroad Beekeeping – Sacramento, California

Creamed honey is in a special category of its own. How Backroad Beekeeping creams there honey is a secret, but it is no secret how delicious their honey is. They then take it up a notch and infuse their creamed honey with unique flavors such as Hot Cocoa, Cinnamon or Vanilla Bean. This honey is infused with lemon, giving it a fresh, lemon bar flavor. Try it on a nice thick piece of homemade bread or spread on a warm scone. 

When will I get my Box?

The Processing time for single box orders is 2-3 business days. After that, delivery time within the United States is 2-3 days. We will email you as soon as your box ships. Please be advised that we have been experiencing some delays with shipping and it may take slightly longer to receive your box. Note that, unlike our monthly Farm to Fork in a Box where shipping is free, shipping costs are not included for the Honey Box. Shipping will be calculated at check out. 


Purchasing as a gift?

Be sure to let us know if you would like to add a personalized note in your gift. When you check indicate that it is a gift and write your message in the Special Instructions box, or you can email us at sactownbites@gmail.com. We will include a hand written note, with your message, in the box.


What makes honey so special?

Honey is a gift from nature like no other. It takes about 550 bees each gathering about a tablespoon of nectar over their lifetime, after visiting over 1 million flowers to make a single 8oz  jar of honey. Each female bee has many jobs over their short lifetimes from being a scout, guarding the entrance, housekeeping and nursing the brood. Male bees, called drones, have one job, which is to leave the hive once to mate with the queen. The queen leaves the hive once to mate with as many drones as she can then returns to the hive to lay over 1000 eggs a day until her death. Unlike the rest of the bees who generally only live about 6 weeks, a queen will leave for up to 3 years. 

Our three honey providers in this box, Pure Honey, Moon Shine Trading Co. and Backroad Beekeeping are all beekeepers themselves and come from a long line of beekeepers in their family owned businesses. They have a respect for the bees and keeping their product as natural as possible.