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Our Sweet & Spicy box is the perfect combination of bold flavors, a little heat and a balance of sweetness. The flavors in this box will excite your palate without blowing out your tastebuds. Kicking things off with the most versatile and addictive sauce we have ever come across! Sultry Smoke All-Purpose Condiment is the creation of BIPOC owned Jazz’s Saucy Sauce. It’s great on tacos, sushi, eggs, and well, pretty much everything. Chile Crisp is still all the rage and this one is made with all fresh ingredients from (BIPOC owned) HCS Foods family recipe. It’s flavorful and is delicious on ramen, eggs, or cold spaghetti (trust us!). Candied Jalapeños are our new obsession! These sweet little heat bombs come from fledgling new business Épicée, and are delicious with a creamy cheese and off dry white wine. To satisfy your snacky crunchy needs we’ve got Wasabi Almonds from family owned Winters Fruit Tree, the original fruit stand in Winters California. And finally, we give you the sweetest of hot treats, Habanero Sweet & Spicy Soft Peanut Brittle. Like no other treat, it is like a Butterfinger and a Snickerdoodle had a baby then added a little heat. This box is an epic combo of delicious, tasty smokey, sweet and heat.

What's in the box?

  • Candied Jalapeños, 9oz – Épicée, West Sacramento, California
  • Habanero Sweet and Spicy Soft Peanut Brittle, 8oz – Better Than Brittle, Gold River, California
  • Chili Crisp, 3oz – HCS Foods, Sacramento, California
  • Wasabi Almonds, 8oz – Winters Fruit Tree, Winters, California
  • Sultry Smoke All-Purpose Condiment, 8oz – Jazz’s Saucy Sauce, Sacramento, California

When will I get my Box?

The Processing time for orders is 1-3 business days. Shipping within the United States is usually 2-5 business days. We will email you as soon as your box ships.  

Purchasing as a gift?

Be sure to let us know if you would like to add a personalized note in your gift. When you check out indicate that it is a gift and write your message in the Special Instructions box, or you can email us at sactownbites@gmail.com. We will include a hand written note, with your message, in the box.

Our mission.

We are driven to showcase the amazing foods grown and made in the Sacramento Valley and supporting small family owned businesses. We give 5% of our monthly profits to local charities. While we want our boxes to be the perfect gift, we also want to impact the environment as little as possible. Our boxes are shipped in 100% recycled cardboard and packed with 100% biodegradable recycled peanuts. We use paper 'bubble' wrap and try to avoid plastic packaging whenever possible. Each box comes with a sheet describing each item and partner, and occasionally we include a recipe.